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Andrew Horan

Long Service Advanced Professional

021 825 296

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Acushnet (Titleist/FootJoy) Fitting Ambassador

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PGA of New Zealand AAA member

Personal Values and Philosophy

Golf Instructor Andrew Horan is a passionate and knowledgeable PGA Golf Professional who has been playing golf for 35+ years and teaching the game for 25+ years. Andrew is a qualified Gary Edwin Golf Instructor and quotes Gary Edwin as his coaching mentor and greatest influence on his coaching career. Andrew regularly visits and works with Gary in Australia allowing him to work with many amateur and professional golfers both in NZ and Australia. Andrew is also an accredited Club Fitting Professional meaning he has a superb understanding of how clubs affect our golf swings, and can advise and prove to you which clubs will work best for you. Andrew has (since May 2019) worked for Acushnet (Titleist/FootJoy) Golf Company as their Fitting Ambassador for the Upper North Island of New Zealand.

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Sound fundamentals for functional golf and Club Fitting by Titleist.